How To Get Rich by Giving Your Stuff Away

Partnering with BitTorrent is a great move if you are a creator of great things. Tim Ferriss is an example of this. He gave away extra (awesome) content for the release for his latest book the Four Hour Chef and that material got 300,000 downloads and lead to 85,000 people visiting his Amazon page.

I cannot recollect nor do I feel like searching the internet for the exact quote, but he said something to the extent of, “it was so easy and cheap to do, I would be an idiot not to.”

Another great example is independent musician Alex Day who beat out Justin Timberlake in the charts due to his partnership with BitTorrent. I think these progressive examples are just the tip of the iceberg for unconventional ways to cut through the noise. When you use BitTorrent you are gaining access to a huge fan base of people who enjoy music, books and movies, why not use it? And more importantly consider, what the alternative is? Most likely it is to just be another unknown.

BitTorrent is also effective for repositioning older bands (and maybe one day brands) that have gone out of touch. See more about this and BitTorrent here:

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