You Click. They Get Richer?*

Bloggers are playing a game where they need to get you to click to get paid. Welcome to the world of 24/7 page view journalism. They need your click and to do that they will do anything. One of their main tools is to use viral emotions, so the more you spread it the more money they get. If you want to support them great, but if you are tired of the content (or lack thereof) a website, or what seems to be the entire internet is posting stop clicking, sharing and commenting.

Remember this isn’t always bad, sometimes its just funny such as this video of a chimp shooting an AK-47. In this era you have to cut through the massive amount of content out there, and getting people to click is necessary for generating awareness of your product/service/etc. This is just one of many rules of the internet.

This video is an excellent example of a feel good awesome project that went viral:

For more on this topic see Ryan Holiday’s Book:

*Did you click on this because of the question mark? Welcome to another trick they use.

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