How to Ace Presentations, Get Sales and Dominate Online Advertising

Ogilvy when he made a presentation would, “open with axioms which nobody can question. By the time the audience grows more accustomed to my accent, I launch into more controversial judgements.”

However, this principle also relates back to the consistency principles of influence*. When someone is agreeing with you they will have a much harder time disagreeing with you when you get to what you really want to say. I think (and this is pure conjecture) this also relates to online advertising. If you create great content such as a funny video that people like first they will have a harder time changing their minds when it gets to the more advertising heavy part of it.

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Samsung’s Advertising

Ogilvy states that, “the key to success is to promise the consumer a benefit”. Samsung is competing on features, which is an ineffective approach as Apple competes on benefits. It is the equivalent of bringing a q-tip to a gun fight.


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Ogilvy and Apple

Ogilivy saw the long term, “Plan your campaign for years ahead, on the assumption that your clients intend to stay in business forever.” 

 The deluge of content is simply too much to handle. This has lead people to think in very fast terms. Everything moves so fast and it only is getting faster. It can be impossible to see the long term. A masterful strategist can do this. Napoleon in his prime could predict where the final battle of a campaign would end.

 I feel this type of strategic vision can be seen at Apple, despite the recent dip in their stock. They must have their actions planned out for years into the future. They create the trends that other companies follow. Apple is intended to stay in business forever. 

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